All service offerings are bespoke, tailored to clients’ individual needs: you choose the activities in which support or company is required.
The level is support offered can adapt on the fly as needs changes and we are always on hand to advice on the type or frequency of support provided.


Support is broadly categorised in terms of providing company, assisting with household activities, daily routine support, day excursions, social activities and moral support.


Broadly, company involves spending time with a carer – from conversation, enjoying activities (e.g., reading, television, knitting, games), to accompanying clients on outdoor activities such as short walks, excursions or a host of other social activities – in short, company that provides support, reassurance and the ability to share experiences and concerns whatever the activity.


Help with light housekeeping tasks – such as dusting, vacuuming, washing, ironing, changing bed linen etc.), support with meal preparation (in line with your meal schedule and preferences), and help with food shopping (accompany to and from shops and/or transport the food home and store it) – support clients to continue living independently and with a sense of dignity.


Support with clients’ daily routine enables them to keep track of which activities need to be done and at what time to ensure independent living is hassle-free and that important events and meetings are not forgotten – examples include doctor’s appointment, feeding pets, sending greetings cards among many others.


Accompaniment on daytrips enable clients – and their families – to be rest assured that things go without a hitch and that clients receive personal care and attention during their outing. Safety and comfort are paramount and carers are on hand to make travel arrangements and transport mobility equipment if required.


Participation in social activities – when practical – is encouraged and our carers ensure clients can take part in a range of events and meetings, as per their circle of friends and interests, confident that support is on-hand if required.


Moral support is an important element of our support services – we understand that clients may lack confidence in performing certain tasks, often due to physical limitations, or essential events may be forgotten. Carers provide encouragement, friendly reminders and work tirelessly to ensure that clients retain a sense of independence and dignity